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Product development: architecture, design, and implementation of large-scale software and hardware products


Business leadership: driving transformative results through entrepreneurial initiatives creating new lines of business and rejuvenating existing ones


People leadership:  building, fostering, and leading high-performance teams and organizations


Strategic acumen: development of actionable business-driven strategy incorporating a broad range of factors and delivering measurable, high-value outcomes


Change leadership: formulating, directing, and managing large-scale organizational change focused on agility, efficiency, and quality of execution




In any corporate enterprise, serving the best interests of shareholders and investors comes first.


Delivering world class consumer experiences and truly great products requires clear vision and leadership, unwavering dedication, the right talent, and precisely focused work.


Building for long-term growth and viability must be balanced with near-term objectives.


The best results come from diversity of thinking and backgrounds, an open culture, and a data-driven approach to problem solving. 


The most powerful decisions are ones that everyone can articulate based on the decision's logic and guiding principles rather than through positional authority. "Why?" is always a valid question. 



Finding effective solutions to complex technology challenges calls for a multi-disciplinary approach. While firmly rooted in the science and art of technology, I incorporate human, business, and market factors in order to achieve the desired goals with maximum efficiency.


As part of any business, technology is a tool to achieve a specific business outcome and should not be built for its own sake. Sound technology investments have clear deliverables and well-defined, measurable benefits to the underlying business.


Optimal build/buy decisions should be guided by aggregate value. Areas that create long-term advantage and are unique to the business are prime candidates for internal development, while other technologies are often best addressed using external solutions. My recent blog post goes into greater detail on this topic.


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